EINAR plate 10" made of porcelain

Product Information

Model Diameter (inches) Size (cm)
Small 8.5" approx. 21.6 cm
medium 10" approx. 25.4 cm
Large 12" approx. 30.5 cm

Material: Finest porcelain, known for its durability and flawless surface

Design: Modern and simple, with a striking, irregular edge reminiscent of natural stone

Shape: Innovative and unconventional, sets new standards for modern tableware

Our EINAR plates are not just tableware – they are an expression of luxury and responsibility. Each plate is produced sustainably and contributes to responsible consumption. The minimalist design is perfect for discerning hosts who value design and quality.

Enrich your table setting with the EINAR porcelain plate and impress your guests with impeccable taste. Discover now and become part of a sustainable and stylish future.