Green living: The benefits of moss walls and plants in the room

Feb 8, 2023

Green Living - Newfangled furnishing concepts with real plants

Green living, also known as "green living", refers to the trend of minimizing environmental impact and living a sustainable lifestyle. Part of this trend is the integration of real plants into living spaces.

Moss walls - a new concept for furnishings

One of the latest innovations in green living is moss walls. These wall coverings are made of real moss and can be used in any room. They are not only an eye-catcher, but also sustainable and improve the indoor climate.

Effect of real plants on the indoor climate

Real plants have a positive effect on the indoor climate. They clean the air of pollutants and improve humidity. In addition, plants can also help reduce stress and have a calming effect on well-being.

Green living and the integration of real plants into the furnishings are not only trendy, but also beneficial for human well-being and the environment. So why not bring a few plants into your home or even install a moss wall?

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