Reflected Warmth

Nov 21, 2023
Chrome rose sculpture in the photo studio as the epitome of the 'Reflected Warmth' interior design style

Reflected Warmth: The timeless trend in interior design

In the world of interior design, it's often the subtle contrasts and complementary colors that transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. The "Reflected Warmth" style plays with the duality of warm and cool tones, reflected in the diverse textures and highlights of chrome rose and mirrored elements.

Mirrored pieces of furniture that were once considered too opulent or extravagant are experiencing a renaissance in modern interior design. They bring light and depth into any room and create a feeling of space and luxury ​. From elegant bedside tables to mirrored bed frames, these elements can be found in bedrooms as well as living areas, where they add an understated elegance and a touch of glamour.

Chrome, often referred to as “the new brass,” is a material that has never really gone out of style. Over the past five years, designers have watched chrome re-emerge in home decor and establish itself as a timeless trend ​. Chrome Rose in particular adds a warm nuance to this timeless quality that pairs particularly well with black accents and is suitable for a cooler color palette where the metal serves as a striking statement or perfect accent ​.

The use of punch needle fabrics brings a playful texture and color to the room. This technique can be used to create both lively patterns and subtle color transitions that underline the individual character of a room ​. Whether used as a cushion on a minimalist chair or as artful wall hangings made using the punch needle technique, they add an artisanal touch and an inviting softness to the room ​.

Stylish Essentials: Penhouse Studios' Selection for 'Reflected Warmth' Interiors

"Reflected Warmth" is not just a style but a philosophy of living that bridges between what is natural and handmade and what appears modern and polished. In this context, Penhouse Studios products fit seamlessly into the design of such an interior, capturing and extending the essence of this style with their characteristic features.

The INDU steel armchair , with its bold silhouette and shiny chrome, brings a sculptural modernity to the room. Its rectilinear shape and reflective metal are the incarnation of the "Reflected Warmth" style, softened by the warmth of a luxurious faux leather in soft black tones.

The PUPPY figure 9" made of resin forms a playful contrast to this. With its rich pink and shiny surface, it reflects the light in a way that enlivens the surroundings and radiates a subtle, yet unmistakable warmth. It proves that design can be both humorous as well as elegant and adds a dimension of personality to the room.

The timeless piece, the HIKARI steel table clock , with its minimalist dial and chrome finishing, embodies the purity and clarity that the "Reflected Warmth" style celebrates. It represents an unobtrusive but precise design element that offers both practicality and aesthetic perfection.

And then there are the WARPED vases 13 ", whose ceramic undulating movements absorb and reverberate the light, an echo of the surrounding textures and shapes. They ground the room with their organic form and bring a calm, almost meditative quality to the ensemble.

Finally, the SYMBA carpet 85 "forms the foundation of the "Reflected Warmth" style. With its punch needle technique and diverse colors, it offers a lively base that picks up and reflects the chrome and pink tones of the furniture and accessories. It proves that Textures and colors are able to tell a story and create an ambience that is both inviting and visually impressive.

Each of these carefully selected pieces from Penhouse Studios contributes to a home atmosphere that is both thoughtfully and intuitively designed. They know how to be reserved and at the same time set accents, making them more than just furniture or decorative elements - they are the main actors in the "Reflected Warmth" scenery, transforming your home into an oasis of contemporary elegance.

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