BENDOO Rug 51" Handmade from wool

Product Information

dimension mm inch
BENDOO carpet 1100x1350 43.31 x 53.15

Material: At least 51% of the finest wool, sustainably sourced and of the highest quality

Design: Floral patterns meet modern, simple design, ideal for versatile interior design

Manufacturing: Masterfully handwoven using the innovative punch needle technique that adds depth and dimension

The BENDOO rug is the perfect addition to the living room, bedroom or study, adding a sense of warmth and design awareness to any room. Suitable for a variety of interiors, this rug will become the central element of your decor.

Cleaning: Easy care with dust extraction, detailed cleaning instructions are included in the package.

Scope of delivery: 1x BENDOO handmade wool carpet

Transform your space with the handmade BENDOO rug that seamlessly combines art and craft. Experience the harmonious combination of comfort and luxury in your home today.