Wall panels reindeer moss 24" made of oak wood

Product Information

Real reindeer moss, a beautiful green color and a surprisingly organic shape. With this sustainable wall decoration you bring a unique eye-catcher into your home and bring nature close to you. The organic wall panel is made locally and by hand from natural materials.

Soft reindeer moss

Reindeer moss gets its name from the small, wedge-shaped branches that give the moss a soft and slanted appearance. A beautiful natural product. Since the moss has been preserved, your moss panel does not require any care. Watering is therefore not necessary and the moss stays alive and green for years. This means you can enjoy a maintenance-free moss work of art on your wall even in rooms with little daylight. A great addition to your home or office.

Diagonal Length (cm/inch) Width (cm/inch) Height (cm/inch)
33" 60cm / 23.62" 60cm / 23.62" 2cm / 0.79"

Calming effect

Did you know that a moss wall has an acoustic effect? This is because the branched structures of the moss absorb sound. A godsend if you want to work in peace and quiet at home. A moss panel is not only a real mood enhancer, but also - in the truest sense of the word - has a calming effect. The materials are pre-treated with a fire retardant spray and are therefore safe for any room - from the living room to the children's room.