Square Reindeer Moss Wall Tile - Moss Green

Product Information

  • Material: Real, preserved reindeer moss for long-lasting naturalness.
  • Design: Square shape in moss green, ideal for a natural wall design.
  • Ease of Care: No watering required, green and vibrant for years.
diagonal Height (cm) Width (cm) Height (inches) Width (inches)
14" 25cm 25cm 9.84" 9.84"

Surface care not required: Since the moss has been preserved, your Huldra does not require any care. No watering is required and the moss stays vibrant and green for years. This means you can enjoy an easy-care piece of art on the wall, even in rooms with little to no natural light. A great addition to your home or office, even the bathroom.

Easy to assemble: The wall panel was made by an artisan wood workshop in Haarlem. What's unique is that you can make your wall as big as you want. Whether you just have a few panels or want to fill an entire wall, the Huldra is guaranteed to create an incredible impact. And the hanging? Dead easy. With the included adhesive strips you can create your own vertical garden at home in no time without drilling.

Perfect for homes, offices or bathrooms to create a calming and natural atmosphere.

Scope of delivery: 1x square reindeer moss wall tile 'Moss Green', 25 x 25 cm.

Transform your walls into a vertical garden with the 'Moss Green' reindeer moss wall tile. Order now and enjoy natural elegance!