STILO plant glass - Ficus Ginseng ecosystem

Product Information

We love having plants in the house and the coffee bush is one of our favorites. But the Ficus Ginseng with its bizarrely shaped aerial roots and shiny oval leaves is also an Asian beauty and is reminiscent of a bonsai. With this DIY package you can admire it in a closed glass terrarium and watch it slowly grow.

Height 30 cm
Width 18cm
material Glass
Number of plants 1

    DIY - Your mini ecosystem comes as a do-it-yourself package that contains all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to get active yourself.

    Experience the beauty of Ficus Ginseng in a designer plant glass. Our closed glass terrarium offers him a nice place in your interior. With this ecosystem pack you can create your own indoor garden. Don't miss the chance to have the Ficus Ginseng planter in your home.

    Order your plant glass with Ficus Ginseng now and experience the beauty of nature in your living space.

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