STILO plant glass - Coffea Arabica ecosystem

Product Information

For coffee lovers: The name says it all: Coffea Arabica is the oldest coffee plant in the world and comes from Ethiopia. Real coffee beans can grow on it! With its deep green, shiny leaves, the Coffea is an attractive appearance. It likes warmth, but not direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the Coffea Arabica beans are not suitable for consumption.

Product Information

Height: 30 cm
Width: 18cm
Material: Glass
Number of plants: 1

    DIY: Your mini ecosystem comes as a do-it-yourself package. It contains all the materials you need as well as step-by-step instructions to get started yourself.

    Our designer planter glass is perfect for those looking for a unique and modern touch in their home. The plant glass measures 30cm in height and is filled with Coffea Arabica, the oldest coffee plant in the world. The closed terrarium creates a perfect microclimate to care for the plant and watch it grow slowly.

    Our planter jar comes as a DIY package containing everything you need to create your own ecosystem. With clear instructions and high quality materials, the set is easy to assemble and ideal for anyone who likes to be creative.

    Order our designer plant glass now and bring some nature into your home!