BOREAL vases 14" made of glass & concrete

Product Information

Model Diameter x height inch
12.5x14cm 4.92" x 5.51"
7x26cm 2.76" x 10.24"
8.5x36cm 3.35" x 14.17"

Material: Combination of glass and concrete, which ensures a remarkable feel and look

Craft: Each piece is handmade and demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship

Style: Minimalist design, perfect for modern interiors

Color: Concrete colors with cool tones and a slight gray cast

Shape: Cylindrical, flat and velvety rough for a unique texture

Scope of delivery: 1x BOREAL vase made of glass and concrete, a modern and elegant accessory for your home

Give your room a special touch with the BOREAL vase. Order now and bring minimalist elegance into your home.