On-demand production: The environmentally friendly alternative to overproduction

Mar 27, 2023

On-demand production: Environmentally friendly but with longer delivery times

Many of our products are only manufactured upon request. This may mean that delivery takes longer, but it has a positive effect on the environment. In this article, we'll highlight the benefits of on-demand production and explain why the longer wait is worth it.

What is On-Demand Production?

On-demand production is a method of production in which products are only manufactured once an order has been received. Unlike traditional production, where products are made in advance, on-demand production offers a more environmentally friendly alternative as it avoids overproduction and the associated waste.

Environmental benefits of on-demand production

On-demand production has numerous environmental benefits:

  • Reducing overproduction: Producing products only on demand avoids overproduction, resulting in less waste and wasted resources.
  • Saving resources: On-demand production allows for better planning and use of materials and resources, as only what is actually needed is produced.
  • Better control over the supply chain: On-demand production offers companies better control over the entire production process, which can help improve labor conditions and rights in the supply chain.

Longer delivery times

Although on-demand production offers many environmental benefits, it can result in longer delivery times. Customers may have to wait up to 40 days for their order to be delivered. This can be frustrating for some customers, especially if they are used to fast delivery.

Why the longer wait is worth it

Despite the longer waiting time, there are good reasons why on-demand production is worthwhile:

  • Sustainable consumption: Customers can make a contribution to climate protection and the preservation of our natural resources through conscious and sustainable consumption decisions.
  • Realistic delivery times: Companies should ensure that delivery times are communicated realistically and transparently to ensure customer satisfaction. By educating customers about the production process and knowing that their product is made on demand, they can better adjust their delivery time expectations.
  • Customization: On-demand production allows for customization of products as they are only manufactured after the order is placed. Customers have the opportunity to customize their product to their individual needs, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction.


On-demand production offers a greener alternative to traditional production methods and offers numerous benefits such as reducing overproduction, saving resources and better control over the supply chain. Although longer delivery times may deter some customers, companies should ensure they are communicated realistically and transparently to ensure customer satisfaction. By informing customers about the production process and giving them the opportunity to customize their product, companies can increase customer satisfaction while contributing to environmental protection.

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