A winter home with the new collection from Penhouse - design tips and trends

Feb 6, 2023
The new winter collection - suitable for every home | Penhouse

The new winter collection - suitable for every home

Winter is approaching and it's time to prepare for the colder season. With the new winter collection from Penhouse you can transform your home into a cozy oasis of well-being.

Furnishing trends for the perfect winter home

Winter is the perfect season to redesign your home. Warm colors, soft fabrics and cozy light sources create an inviting atmosphere. With the products from Penhouse's winter collection you can achieve exactly that.

Warmth and comfort for your home

From cozy blankets to warm lights, our winter collection has everything you need to winterize your home. Transform your living room into a cozy oasis where you can relax after a long day.

Interior design trends for every taste

Whether you like it traditional or modern - in our winter collection you will find interior design trends that perfectly suit your taste. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and materials and find exactly what you need to make your home more wintery.

Discover the winter collection now

Don't wait any longer and discover Penhouse's new winter collection now. No matter whether you are redesigning your living room, your bedroom or your kitchen - with the new winter kitchen accessories from our winter collection. From kitchen towels to tableware sets, you'll find everything you need for a cozy winter kitchen. A warm red or an elegant gray - we have the right color for every taste. See for yourself and be inspired by the new trends.

In addition to the new kitchen accessories, we also have a large selection of winter-style home accessories. This includes pillows, blankets, wall decorations and much more. With the right accessories you can transform your home into a winter oasis.

Get inspired by our winter collection and discover the new trends for your home. Whether it's about redesigning your living room, beautifying your kitchen or simply finding new home accessories - you've come to the right place. Discover the winter collection now and make your home cozy in winter.

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