RAMBRA sofa cushion 31" made of cotton & linen

Product Information

Diagonal (inch) Length (cm/inch) Width (cm/inch)
25" 45cm / 17.72" 45cm / 17.72"
31" 55cm / 21.65" 55cm / 21.65"

The distinctive surface texture , coarse yet finely woven, characterizes each cushion and gives it a tactile quality that impresses both visually and haptically. The color selection in calming green and deep dark green harmoniously complements the spectrum of modern living aesthetics.

The size options offer the perfect balance of perfectly designed decor and functional convenience - ideal for a stylish oasis of calm on your couch.

The modern design of the RAMBRA series reinterprets classic beauty and fits seamlessly into furnishings that value understatement and quality. Each cushion is a testament to Pure Elegance , subtly enhancing modern interiors.