KŌKAN Dried Flowers 17" Mid 'Japanese Spring'

Product Information

High-resolution art: Each arrangement is a detailed, artistic creation that combines the aesthetics of real flowers with modern abstraction.
VERSATILE DECORATION: Perfect for the entryway or as a central accent in any room, these arrangements offer a touch of elegance and style.

Size measures in cm Dimensions in inches
Mid Heights 17" approx. 37 x 43 cm approx. 14.57" x 16.93"

Design philosophy: These arrangements are more than just imitations - they are a new creation that carries the spirit of art in every fiber. Inspired by nature but with a distinctly artistic vision, they represent a fascinating mix of reality and fantasy.

What you will receive: A carefully packaged KŌKAN dried flower arrangement 'Japanese Spring', ready to enhance your home and create an ambience of Far Eastern elegance.

Bring Japanese spring magic into your home: Experience the elegance and tranquility of Far Eastern spring with just one click. Order your KŌKAN dried flower arrangement now and transform any room into an oasis of peace and beauty. Add a dimension of cultural elegance and contemporary design to your home by adding this work of art to your collection now.