KIREI ISHI Plate 8" Handmade from stoneware

Product Information

product Diameter in inches Diameter in cm Height in inches Height in cm
KIREI ISHI flat plate 8.5" 21.5 0.6" 1.5

Material: High-quality ceramic, valued for its robustness and thermal conductivity

Color Classification: Pine Smoke Black, Gold Plated, Ru White, Antique Dark Green, Earth Yellow

Craftsmanship: Traditional color glazing technique that gives each piece a unique finish

The KIREI ISHI plate represents an exquisite collection characterized by sustainable manufacturing practices. The rustic Japanese design invites you to view the meal as part of a conscious, culturally enriching experience. Perfect for connoisseurs who value ecological responsibility and exclusive table culture.

Add a dimension of calm and luxury to your meals with the KIREI ISHI plates. Discover the handcrafted perfection and elegance of Zen now.