ITAKA vases 13" made of glass

Product Information

Material: High quality float glass, 12mm thick
Style: Modern simplicity with a slightly convex, asymmetrical shape
Color: 27% anthracite with a touch of gray, for a subtle and sophisticated look

Unique design: The crooked cut edge breaks the symmetry and gives the vase an interesting look
Multi-purpose: Ideal for tables, dressers or buffets, perfect for minimalist and stylish interiors
Decorative versatility: Can be combined with arrangements of fresh or artificial flowers and decorative branches

Diameter (cm/inch) Height (cm/inch) Weight (g)
10.5/4.13" 22 / 8.66" 1350
11.5/4.53" 31.5/12.4" 1550

Box contents: 1x ITAKA glass vase, carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery

Add a touch of luxury and style to your interior with the ITAKA glass vase. Order now and experience timeless elegance in your home.