Sustainability meets style: the armchairs from Artifort Design

Feb 10, 2023
We are huge fans of Artifort as a company and iconic interior brand, hence this article today.

Artifort Design - The art of sitting

About Artifort

Artifort is a Dutch design company founded in 1946. For over 70 years, Artifort has been known for its high-quality furniture, especially its armchairs. Artifort has a long history in the furniture industry and since its inception has worked with some of the best designers in the world to create furniture pieces that are comfortable, stylish and functional. Artifort is based in Maastricht, Netherlands.

The art of sitting

Artifort has made it its mission to perfect the art of sitting. Artifort armchairs are designed to offer a perfect balance between comfort and style. Each armchair is crafted with great care and attention to detail to ensure it is comfortable and durable. Artifort uses only the best materials to ensure that each armchair lasts and is a valuable piece of furniture in every home.

The armchairs from Artifort

Artifort offers a wide range of armchairs, available in different sizes, styles and colors. Whether you are looking for a comfortable reading chair or an elegant dining chair, Artifort has an armchair to suit your needs. Artifort armchairs are designed to fit perfectly into any room, whether in the office, at home or in a reception area. Each armchair is unique and embodies the best of design, functionality and comfort. Some of Artifort's most famous armchair models are the Fiker, the Tulip and the Mushroom. The Fiker is a classic, comfortable armchair that is equipped with a soft cushion and stable support. The Tulip is a modern, elegant model that impresses with its curved shape and stylish cover. The Mushroom is a unique armchair that is a real highlight with its round shape and comfort. Artifort attaches great importance to sustainability and only uses high-quality, environmentally friendly materials in the production of their furniture. This is part of their commitment to protecting the environment while offering high quality furniture pieces. In summary, Artifort is a company that offers stylish and comfortable armchairs, produced with high quality materials and an attention to sustainability. Each chair is a work of art in itself and embodies Artifort's philosophy of perfecting the art of sitting.

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