QIĀNXÙN vases 12" made of porcelain

Product Information

The uneven, unglazed surface gives each vase an individual touch that is unparalleled in the world of luxury interiors. With a size of 24cm height and the balanced proportions of 20cm width and 16cm depth, the QIĀNXÙN vase presents itself as a work of art that stands both on its own and as part of a sophisticated ensemble.

Diagonal (inch) Height (cm/inch) Width (cm/inch) Depth (cm/inch)
14" 24cm / 9.45" 20cm / 7.87" 16cm / 6.30"

This piece is not just a vessel for your floral arrangements, but a statement piece that will catch the eye in any room - from the living room to the gallery , from the hallway to the conservatory .

The QIĀNXÙN vase is the centerpiece of the Wabi Ji luxury Interior collection - a symbol of the beauty of imperfection that fits seamlessly into the concept of Wabi-Sabi. Its minimalist design is an ode to the silence and power of elegant restraint, which is manifested in the choice of high-quality porcelain and the color 'Coal Black'.

Don't just choose a vase - choose a work of art. The QIĀNXÙN Vase in 'Coal Black' is ready to transform your space and exude luxurious charm . Purchase this beauty and give your space the finishing touch of complete elegance.

Included in the package: 1x handmade QIĀNXÙN porcelain vase in 'Coal Black', carefully packaged to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition.